Conference flat rate

To plan the expenses in advance, we recommend using our conference flat rates.

Conference package:   Package price per person:
 without current daily menu (Lunch) :    
  1)   1/2 day (to 4 hours)   19 EUR
  2)   full day (to 9 hours)    28 EUR
with current daily menu (Lunch) :    
  3)   1/2 day (to 4 hours)   39 EUR
  4)   full day (to 9 hours)    48 EUR
  5)   full day incl. lunch and dinner   69 EUR

If you prefer single billing of consumed foods and beverages over a flat rate price, we are going to respond to that desire. We are not going to charge rent for the conference room and standard technology if you take a full meal with beverages. Otherwise we are going to charge small price of 15€ per person, at least 60€ all together.