Framework program and Incentives

For rounding off an event a lot of framework programs and incentives are suitable. No matter if it is for entertainment or teambuilding.

Our recommendations:

  • Visiting and touring the bishop’s residence “Burg Ziesar” with the “Museum for Brandenburgian church- and cultural history of the medieval times”.
  • Medieval-Challenge at Burg Ziesar
  • Guided walk through our historic small-town with its renovated monastery and church and the bishop’s residence “Burg Ziesar”
  • Guided walk through our Hike through the forest with our nature- and local guide and subsequent pick nick
  • Torch-lit hike or geocaching tour
  • Ride in a horse-drawn carriage
  • Visiting the idyllically located trout farm Rottstock with professional guidance
  • Demonstrative baking at our stone oven in the restaurant; you can make your own bread
  • Evening program with a solo entertainer
  • Medieval knight’s meal with (20 people or more)

A combination of the different offers is of course possible.